New Jersey residents love their live music, but the band we never miss when they are in town might surprise you.

New Jersey has been a major music state for a long time. Our place in music history is undeniable. There is nothing quite like seeing a live show in the Garden State, especially when it's one of the legendary artists who are from New Jersey.

New Jersey Residents Need To See This Band Every Time They Are In Town

When we asked New Jersey residents which band or artist is a can't-miss show when they perform in the Garden State, the results surprised us.

We expected the top vote-getter would be one of the big two in New Jersey. It has to be either Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band or Bon Jovi, right?

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Would it surprise you to find out that neither of those amazing bands topped your list of the shows you have to see when you come to New Jersey?

How Did Springsteen And Bon Jovi Do?

Yes, Bruce and the band landed at the #2 spot, and Jon and his band came in at #3, but the band that holds the top spot according to your votes got their start 3516 miles away from the Garden State.

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The band most New Jersey residents would consider can't-miss when they visit the Garden State is The Rolling Stones.

The first time The Stones played in New Jersey was in November of 1967, so the Garden State has remained loyal to them for over 56 years. I guess if any artist can beat Bon Jovi or Bruce, it might as well be The Stones.

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