Sometimes food is so good it brings you to your knees.  If a grilled cheese sandwich is done right, it is one of the most comforting, delicious, hug-you-from-the-inside foods on the planet.  I'm about to tell you where to go to get the most epic and creative grilled cheese in New Jersey and PA. You can thank me later. 


I get creative with my grilled cheese. I like all the adult cheeses like mozzarella, goat cheese, and gruyere.  Then we have to talk toppings. With all the creamy, gooey goodness you have to add hot cherry peppers, tomato, and arugula and dip it in sriracha.  OK, that is pretty customized but that is the point of the best grilled cheese shop in New Jersey, you can make it how you want it.  Who wants lunch?

Photo credit: Unsplash
Photo credit: Unsplash

This is a build-your-own grilled cheese shop that will keep you coming back for more.  It’s called American Melts in Kenilworth, New Jersey and I’m going there for lunch again today.  Literally, I can’t stay away.  First, pick your bread and let them get it all crusty for you, and add your cheese of choice and toppings like bacon, pesto, pickles, sliced apple (hello fall), and portobello mushrooms.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it, I may have to have two. 

For our Philly fans, there is a destination for you too.  I know you are thinking a Philly grilled cheese must just be a cheesesteak and you are close.  The best grilled cheese in PA comes from Huda

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Their juicy, tender short rib and brie grilled cheese is polarizing.  Some argue that once you introduce meat it is no longer grilled cheese.  In any event, the shredded and tender meat comes with pepper jack cheese oozing over their crusty sourdough.  To add a touch of sweetness, they serve it with a side of peach mustard.  You’ll have to wait on line when you get here but isn’t that a good sign?  This sandwich will get you back $16 bucks but when you need it you just need it and it is top-notch quality.

The moral of the story is that I would eat a brick if it had cheese on it.  I may be an easy audience, but these artisans create delicious variations that your tastebuds shouldn't miss.

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