If New Jersey hates reusable bags so much, then why do we do this? I mean, do we really care about having them at all?

OK, I suppose some of us do care to use them. My wife for example has been using them well before the plastic bag ban went into place.

But that was her choice, and we only used them if we remembered them, or if we wanted to use them. With the option of plastic bags still in play, it didn't really matter in the first place if we had them.

Now we clearly don't have a choice in the matter. But with that said, we didn't do this with our bags even before the ban went into place, and still don't do it now.

And to be honest? What's the point? I guess for some, it does matter to be a tad neater.

A collection of reusable bags
A collection of reusable bags (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media)

This wasn't my initial observation, but rather my wife's. Why do so many in New Jersey fold up their reusable bags after being used?

She noticed people shopping with a stack of perfectly folded bags in their carts. As for us? We just have them jammed all into one bag.

I mean, who has the time or drive to even want to keep them crisp and neat after every use? Are we really in the minority here?

Once we unload our groceries, the bags get shoved into one of the largest bags we have and that's that. Surely we can't be the only ones out there that do this?

(Photo: Lisa Felise)
(Photo: Lisa Felise)

Look, I'm not knocking anyone who does fold them up. In fact, we probably should be more like you and put more care into them.

But we simply don't have the drive or care to do so. It's bad enough it takes effort to get the laundry folded let alone reusable bags.

And with so many in New Jersey against the plastic bag ban, I have to wonder if there are others out there who treat their reusable bags the same way we do. Honestly, the one bag with all the other reusable bags crammed in there just gets tossed into the car for the next use.

Plastic Bag Ban
Getty Images

So I have to ask, do you fold your reusable bags, or just toss them in the car or in another bag like we do? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Again, it's not a knock on anyone who does fold them and keep them neat. All the power to you for doing that.

We just don't see the point. And I'm pretty sure others feel the same way about it as we do.

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