One convenience store crushes all of its competition in a new poll about the Garden State's favorite.

As part of its latest survey, Monmouth University asked New Jersey adults which convenience store is their favorite: 7-Eleven, QuickChek, Wawa, or something else?

One spot took 50% of the vote, and the rest was split among the other options.

In the poll, 7-Eleven received 15% of New Jersey's vote, and QuickChek received 14%.

Wawa came out on top — half of the poll's respondents chose the Pennsylvania-based chain as their favorite.

Wawa in Wildwood, NJ (Joe Votruba photo)
Wawa in Wildwood, NJ (Joe Votruba photo)

Wawa, which marked its 60th anniversary on Tuesday, is easily the convenience store favorite in the southern portion of the state — 79% of South Jersey residents say Wawa is their top choice. Wawa is also the top pick in Central Jersey, with 61% of the vote.

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Only in the northern segment of the state, where Wawa first started moving in about a decade or so ago, can you say the crown is up for grabs. At 31%, Wawa edged out 7-Eleven by just 7 percentage points among North Jersey residents. QuickCheck received 19% of the vote in North Jersey.

"It wasn't that long ago when you wouldn't even have heard of Wawa north of the Raritan River," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. "It appears to be taking over the entire state, although 7-Eleven is holding its own in New Jersey's cities."

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