Let’s be honest. New Jersey is a safe space when it comes to pizza. You can't really go wrong.

But are there certain towns whose pizza joints shine above the others? Absolutely, according to a study by Pizzello.com.

They did a deep dive into Google reviews from the country’s 500 most populous cities and towns and came up with a list of the ones where you can get the best pizza.

Close-up image of group of friends or colleagues eating pizza.

They ended up with 250 cities and ranked them in pizza quality. Ready to get mad?

This wonderful state - which is practically synonymous with pizza - had only six cities in the top 250.

Of course, New York City was #1. (Insert eye roll here)

But places like Jonesboro, Arkansas and Peoria, Arizona made it in the top 10.



Before we plan to storm the corporate offices of Pizzello.com, we should at least hear what they had to say.

The highest ranking New Jersey city in their top 250 was Newark at 58. With an average Google review score of 4.50, they talk about Newark’s pizza scene as “robust, with an East Coast authenticity that rivals nearby NYC.”

If it rivals the number 1 then why is it at 58? Asking for a friend.


Elizabeth made it to 68, but of course this study was done before Santillo’s burned down. “Elizabeth's pizzas are a nod to the city's cultural diversity, offering a blend of classic Italian and bold, international flavors."

Jersey City was ranked 122 as a pizza town. Really? Even though it has Razza, often cited as one of the best in the world let alone the country? Riiiiight.

They say Jersey City has a “wide array of styles that are as varied as the city's population.”

Welcome to Jersey City sign at the Holland Tunnel (Google Maps)
Welcome to Jersey City sign at the Holland Tunnel (Google Maps)

Then we really drop to the lower end of the 250.

Camden ranks 175. They said, “Camden's pizzerias serve up slices of genuine East Coast flavor, with an emphasis on no-nonsense, traditional pizzas that are a staple in the community.”

We’re just no Jonesboro, Arkansas, amirite?

Teenage pizza delivery boy holding a pizza box and making a call me gesture

Clifton made the list at 212. And what little credit it was given was chalked up to its close proximity to NYC meaning they upheld higher standards.

Finally, Paterson just made the list, coming in at 240 out of 250.

Perhaps our Google reviews were just from people who were tougher critics because they know what real pizza is.

I can tell you one thing, I’m not traveling to Peoria for a slice any time soon.

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