🏖 It's time to secure your summer house rental at the Jersey Shore

🏖 There are still plenty of pickings, says one Jersey Shore realtor

🏖 Weekly rentals are more popular than full summer house rentals

As the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about renting a house at the Jersey Shore this summer.

Whether it’s for a weekend, a week, a month, or the whole season, there are still plenty of great rentals to choose from, says James Ward, realtor at Shore Point Vacations in Point Pleasant Beach.

Now that the holidays and the winter doldrums are behind us, heavy inquiries and summer home rental bookings are in full swing, he said. This has been the theme for the past two years.

“I think what is most different about the last two years is that the inventory has increased in what’s available and has outside competition from other areas. I feel like you’ve got everybody fighting for the same visitor. That’s been the struggle so it’s going to come down to pricing and I think with the properties that are still currently available, they need to be a bit more aggressive to ensure that they get booked,” Ward said.

One reason why there is more availability is because of the new housing stock, Ward said. People who bought vacation homes are looking to subsidize some of that with vacation rentals.

Sinatra House, Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk (James Ward)
Sinatra House, Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk (James Ward)

Summer Rental Prices

So, what are summer home rentals going for? Well, it depends on the type of rental. Ward said the larger multi-generational style homes with a pool and multiple bedrooms are renting anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 a week, and those are selling well.

But, the smaller homes where it’s a family coming on their own are struggling a bit. “After the pandemic, the prices jumped a good 30, 50, and in some cases, even 100 percent on some of these properties. We’re starting to see a little bit of pushback on that. If someone is not partnering up with another family or friends, we’re seeing those properties sit a little bit longer on the market,” Ward said.

Weekly Rental or Full Summer Rental?

Full summer house rentals at the Jersey Shore are becoming extinct, Ward said. The price relative to what a property would get on a week versus a full season are two very different things.

“We’re not finding very many property owners that are willing to do that anymore. The difference is just too great,” Ward said.

Prices have gone up so much to rent a home on a weekly basis that for a full summer, people would be looking at more than $50,000. That’s not what younger professionals are willing to spend, Ward said.

Additional crackdowns from local municipalities have also had a big effect on full summer rentals, too. So, people are looking to go elsewhere and do different things, he added.

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Hottest Places to Rent

Point Pleasant Beach is a hot spot for summer rentals with its beach, boardwalk, rides, and so many family-friendly activities nearby, Ward said.

But also, Seaside Heights is a great summer home rental spot at the Jersey Shore. It’s been gaining popularity each year and with the demolition of nearby clubs, Seaside has become a lot more family-friendly, which has helped the summer house rental market, Ward added.

Also, Long Beach Island, Manasquan, Belmar, the Wildwoods, Spring Lake, and Avon-by-the-Sea are popular Jersey Shore house rental spots during the summer months.

While the bulk of summertime visitors flock to the Jersey Shore from North Jersey, the New York City region, and Philadelphia, Ward said he’s had summer shore renters as far away as England, Ireland, Japan, and Canada.

Via zillow.com
Via zillow.com

Top Tip for a First-Time Summer Home Renter

Always use a professional, Ward advised. You’ll save on a litany of fees that are charged by places like Vrbo and Airbnb, and they’re often the same properties. You can save thousands by going to a professional or the owner of the house directly, Ward said.

Last Minute Tip

“People people seem to think it’s too late and it’s not. The last two years have shown that good deals can be had. New properties are coming on a weekly basis this time of year that were not even available to rent before. So, if they’re thinking about it, start to look and when they’re ready, they’ll be something for them, surely,” Ward said.

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