🚨Police raided an illegal warehouse party in Egg Harbor Township

🚨Drugs labeled and packaged for distribution were found during the raid

🚨Five people were arrested with more arrests and charges possible

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP – Police found 57 pounds of drugs and three handguns in a raid on an illegal warehouse party Friday night.

The Atlantic County SWAT team and Egg Harbor Township police descended on what they called an "Open Mic Night" at the warehouse in the Farmington section of Egg Harbor Township around 7 p.m.  The party charged a cover, had live music and a DJ and sold alcoholic beverages, according to Egg Harbor Township police.

Police also found 43 pounds of illicit marijuana and cannabis products, over 14 pounds of psilocybin; (aka magic mushrooms) and the handguns including one that was reported stolen in North Carolina. All were packed and labeled for distribution, according to police.

The name of the warehouse was not disclosed by police citing the ongoing investigation. Police Capt. Cherie Burgan told New Jersey 101/.5 tehey have responded to other "disturbances" at the same location but nothing substantial had come from the calls.

Five arrests

Michael Garofalo Jr, 20 of Jackson, Daegan Leithmann, 21, of Egg Harbor City, Jonathan Vega, 21 of Egg Harbor City Brandon Moore, 22 of Jackson and Melissa Martella, 30, of Egg Harbor Township were all charged with conspiracy, possession and distribution of controlled dangerous substances. They are being held at the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Additional charges including weapons offenses are pending.

"The Egg Harbor Township Police Department is committed to upholding the law, ensuring public safety, and fostering a secure environment for residents. We will continue to collaborate with local partners and actively support initiatives aimed at reducing drug trafficking and illegal firearms in our jurisdiction," the department wrote on their Facebook page.

Mom arrested at house party with alcohol

Egg Harbor Township mother Saundra McCarthy, 46, was charged after a teen was found unconscious at a house party the weekend before Halloween, according to BreakingAC.

Police were called to the home on Boston Avenue just after 9 p.m. for a report of loud music, and possible underage drinking. About 200 juveniles were seen leaving the party as police arrived, according to the report. Several empty bottles of alcoholic beverages and red Solo cups were also found both inside the residence and around the outside of the property.

While police were on the scene, an ambulance was called for an 18-year-old man who fell unconscious in the kitchen, the report said.

Previous reporting by Jen Ursillo was included in this report

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