Usually, selling your home is more conditional. Meaning, we typically might sell because of a job change or something like that.

When that happens, we tend to try and get our homes on the market as soon as possible regardless of what time of year it is. And that makes sense especially when there's a deadline of when you must be settled into your new home.

Retirement is different. Depending on that situation, you might want to wait until you can get the maximum amount possible for your home.

But again, if you want to get out of New Jersey so you can finally pay less in taxes, it might not matter to you when the home is sold. The sooner it is, the sooner you're out of here.

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But that's under the assumption you have to move right away, or that you want to. If you'd rather wait it out so you can make the most from the sale, springtime might be your best option.

Spring is considered the best season to sell your home if you want to receive top dollar. And it's not just because the weather's warming up, or the market suddenly changes.

Rather, there's a handful of reasons why most homeowners prefer the spring months to make that big leap. Not only is there sound logic to it, but it also helps the homeowner make the most possible on the sale.

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According to Bankrate, "Many families need to be in their new home by the start of the school year, and house-hunting is easier when days are warmer and longer." Meaning that yes, weather does play a small role in it.

But for families, the school year is also critical. Moving your kids from one school to the next is a hassle to begin with.

Switching them to a new school in the middle of an academic year may cause unnecessary strain when it comes to learning. But waiting until the academic year ends makes it much easier to switch to a new school.

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As for the best month, "Homes sold in May net a 12.8 percent seller premium." That's followed by June as the second-best month, with April coming in at third.

As for the worst month to sell? That would be November, with only a 6.3 percent seller premium.



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