Is it time to switch out your bank accounts?

Three of the biggest banks in the country have been slowly closing their locations across the board and they have now announced 55 more locations that will be shutting their doors in the next month, including in New Jersey.

Although most people do their banking online or through an app, some things need to be done in person.

You don’t even realize how useful a walk-up ATM or a live teller is until it is no longer available.


Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the country. They have been closing their brick-and-mortar locations as they lean more towards online banking. But now they will be closing even more of their locations between now and March.

Bank Of American Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings
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According to the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s weekly bulletin from January 27, the New Jersey branch that will be closing on March 5 is

904 River Road, New Milford, NJ

Bank of America is not the only popular bank that is closing locations.

If you have accounts with Wells Fargo, your local bank might be closing its doors at some point this year.

Wells Fargo Among Banks Fined Over 500 Million Over Use Of Private Messaging Apps
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According to the latest OCC bulletin, there are no New Jersey Wells Fargo branches on the list yet.

Why not add another bank to the list.

In the same bulletin, TD Bank plans on closing multiple locations around the country including New Jersey.

TD Ameritrade Buys Scottrade Bank In 4 Billion Dollar Deal
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If you’re concerned about your branch, contact your local bank today.

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