A Malibu beachfront house once owned by Rod Stewart is on sale for $49.5 million.

You can see photos and a video tour of the house below.

Known as "the Wave House," the six-bedroom, eight-bathroom property's huge windows and wraparound decks offer stunning views of the California coast. The house was designed to resemble a cresting wave by architect Harry Gesner, who sketched out the concept from an unusual location.

"I camped out on the spot where I would plan the house," Gesner explained in the book Houses of the Sundown Sea. "I spent two days surfing the break, all the time designing all aspects of the house in my head. The cliffs and sand. The views and prevailing wind. The quarter mile of beach and surf. I checked out every point of view. Then I took my old twelve-foot balsa board, but no wet suit (they hadn't been invented yet), and a grease pencil. I paddled out through the break turned the board to the beach and sketched the Wave house on the face of the board.”

According to Business Insider, Stewart bought the house in the '70s and sold it to Warner and Reprise Records CEO Mo Ostin in 1987. A year after Ostin's 2022 death, his estate has put up the house for sale.

Stewart also recently placed his 28,500-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $70 million. The "Maggie May" singer will be performing in the U.K. this summer with support from Boy George and Culture Club, then visiting the U.S. for an 18-date tour beginning July 29 in Sparks, Nevada.

You can find more information about the Wave House at CarolWoodre.com.

Rod Stewart's Former Malibu 'Wave House' on Sale for $49 Million

Record label executive Mo Ostin also owned the house. 

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