Richie Sambora has emphatically denied any current plans for a reunion with Bon Jovi, despite a recent flurry of rumors to the contrary.

The singer and guitarist addressed the speculation at the Songwriters Hall of Fame's 2023 Induction and Awards Gala on June 15 in New York. When asked if he was imminently rejoining his former bandmates, Sambora told United Stations Radio Networks, "Nah! No, not even close. Nobody asked me yet — but I could do it tomorrow if they asked me."

Sambora, who left Bon Jovi in 2013 to spend more time with his then-teenage daughter Ava, was previously rumored to be rejoining the band for a performance at Glastonbury 2023, which begins tomorrow. (Bon Jovi is not on the lineup.) "It's a possibility. We're talking a bit," he told Metro last November. He made the reunion sound even more likely in successive interviews. "We're talking about it," he told Absolute Radio in February. "I don't think there's any reason not to at this point."

At the time, Sambora also addressed Jon Bon Jovi's alleged vocal issues, which were a point of discussion among fans and critics during the band's 2022 tour. "Jon was having a hard time with his voice a little bit there and he needed to take a little bit of a breather," he said. "I don't know when Jon's going to get his voice together and [when the Bon Jovi reunion is] going to happen, but we have to get out there and do it for the fans, really. I feel a second obligation."

If a reunion does occur, Sambora said fans should expect the guitarist and frontman to revive their fruitful songwriting partnership. "Oh, if he doesn't let me [write new music], he's crazy. I'm on a tear," Sambora said while noting, "Actually, I did write that other [Bon Jovi] stuff, too. It's a misnomer when people go, just because his name [Jon Bon Jovi] is on [the band] that's the name. We just couldn't think of anything else."

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