Photos of 31 year old Wilmer Valderrama kissing 19 year old Demi Lovato have surfaced! Valderrama, Fez from That '70's Show, and Disney star Lovato appear to now be an item. I know this is legal but am I the only one who is creeped out by this? I know that age is only a number but we keep track for a reason! I find it very strange that a man Wilmer's age is running around with a girl this young. It's made worse by the fact that she is fragile having recently been in rehab. This is becoming a bit of a habit for Wilmer since he already dated a YOUNG Lindsay Lohan, so young that their are even claims they dated before she turned 18. I know if I were her father, uncle, brother, etc, we would be asking a lot of questions to Mr. Valderrama. I am also sure that he would encouraged to find a woman closer to his own age. When she was born he was already in middle school, when he was 21 she was in elementary school. Am I off base on this, or is Wilmer Valderrama at least a LITTLE creepy?

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