The passenger at the center of a road rage incident last month with a school bus who yelled vulgar obscenities and smashed a window has turned himself into Howell Police.

Detectives contacted 18-year old Keith Hallbauer about his involvement with the road rage incident that occurred on Ramtown – Greenville Road on April 16 around 2:45 pm.

In a video from Howell Police of the incident, a verbal exchange between the bus driver and Hallbauer can be overheard as the 28-students on board fall silent when confrontation broke out.

A horn honks and then the bus driver yells out the window "Why don't you slow down?".

Hallbauer then responds by saying "What?! Slow Down?! You f***** b**** you almost killed us! You f***** idiot!".

As Hallbauer is shouting the obscenities a loud thumping sound could be heard as the glass from a window shatters.

The driver of the car can he heard asking his passenger what he was doing.

"Keith, why would you do that?"

Students collectively on the bus said "that was really mean. Yea, that was really mean."

The bus then drove off and away from the car.

Kathy Anderson, the driver of the school bus, told CBS2NewYork that the incident took her by surprise with how things developed.

“He (the passenger) started screaming and yelling but I didn’t expect him to come up to the car window and punch the window out like that,” Anderson said.

The car had been coming from the opposite direction Anderson said and speeding on the road.

“He was moving along a little faster than he should have been and when I pulled out and he saw me the driver got nervous so he hit the brakes and he fishtailed a little bit,” Anderson said.

When word began to spread of the incident from Howell Police, they say they received multiple anonymous tips after the story was shared.

Hallbauer has been charged with one count of criminal mischief and released on summons with a pending court date.

Howell Police say the driver is a juvenile and is not being charged.

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