We all know that when a random website makes a list, it's bound to start a fight. BigSevenTravel may not know what they sparked when they made a list of the sexiest accent in the United States.

They based their results on a social media survey of 1.5million people, and the results are kind of all over the place; some are state-wide generalizations, some are city-specific, some just seem regional.

Regardless of how they came up with the rankings, we all want to know where NJ landed, right?

Out of 50, users said NJ had the 49th sexist accent. *sad trombone*

What did BigSevenTravel have to say about our voices?

North Jerseyan? Think ‘cawfee’ and dropping the ‘Rs’. South Jerseyan? It’s more like the Philly accent, but not close enough to bring up Jersey’s overall sex appeal.

NJ only managed to beat "Long Islander" at #50, and was edged by "Minnesotan" at #48. Both Philadelphia and New York landed in the Top 10, at 8th and 3rd respectively.

I'm really trying not to take the bait...but it's boiling up inside me and I need to let it out.

There is such a vast difference between North and South Jersey accents, we at least deserved to have two different spots. North Jersey is very similar to New York, and South Jersey is very similar to Philly, so how did 3+8=49? I feel like we have to place some of the blame on TV, with the Sopranos and Jersey Shore tainting the rest of the country's opinion of how we sound.

I also have severe issues with most of the Top 5 accents: 1 - Texas, 2 - Boston, 3 - NY, 4 - Mainer, 5 - Chicago.

I can actually agree with Texas, cuz a nice big Southern drawl can be sexy. But Boston, Maine, and Chicago? Those are some of the worst, most disgusting, mongrel accents in the world. Learn to speak, you animals.

I'm not saying NJ should have been the sexiest accent, because there are plenty of people around here that sound awful...but we deserved better than 49th.

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