Big kudos to the Mayor of Galloway Township who helped catch an alleged bad guy last night.

According to Galloway Township Police, just after 11pm Wednesday, Galloway Township Mayor Anthony Coppola Jr. saw a man matching the description of a suspect wanted for burglarizing Coppola's own restaurant - Fred and Ethel's Lantern Light Tavern in Smithville - the night before.

Police say Coppola chased the suspect -  George Dean Jr. - on foot, calling 9-1-1 along the way. According to police:

Mayor Coppola flushed the suspect directly into police custody down the road where he was found to be wearing the same "Loser" embroidered jacket he had on in the surveillance footage from the Burglary the night prior. The keys to businesses were recovered on his person and no injuries resulted from the arrest. Dean was also found to be responsible for the Spirit Gas Station burglary the weekend prior.

Police say Dean "had stolen master keys to several businesses in the Smithville section and returned to commit a 2nd burglary when staff alerted the Mayor to the suspect's attempt at the back door."

Galloway Police issued this statement about the Mayor's involvement:

The Galloway Police are very grateful to Mayor Coppola and his swift reaction to notify 9-1-1 and his tenacity to chase a criminal down in the middle of the night. His brave actions have no doubt saved the police and other local business from a pre-holiday crime spree. We do not expect citizens to put their lives in danger. Thankfully this was a good ending for all involved.


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