In case you missed it, Oregon has allowed self-serve gas stations in their state, so New Jersey is now out on an island - we are the only state where there is no self-serve gas.

Myself, I'd love to see self-serve come to New Jersey. I think - in my case - service would be faster and easier. I pull in, jump out of my car, pump the gas and I'm done. I don't have to wait for anyone, I just do it myself.

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I figured if I can do it, you can too. I figured if my 82-year-old mother could pump her case, the people of New Jersey could too.

That's what I believed That's what I thought.

Then I saw this.

It's an example of someone with little common sense having a problem while pumping her gas.

A big problem.

How could we possibly allow our citizens to pump their gas when we each know at least 5 people who would handle such an event the same way?

You sold me, girl! No self-serve gas in New Jersey is the way to go!

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