Tri-signal lights and white traffic squares have been creating confusion for NJ drivers. reports about new pedestrian lights that are confusing drivers because they are made up of the usual three lights, but the colors are two red and one yellow. When a pedestrian pushes a button to cross the street, the yellow lights start to flash and then turn solid to warn drivers to prepare to stop. Then, two red lights on the top of the beacon go on to allow the pedestrian to cross the street. Those red light lights will flash and then go off.

njcom trisignal

The main confusion is figuring out at what point the drivers can continue through the intersection. According to Dan Triana, a state Department of Transportation spokesman, under state law, vehicles must stop when drivers see that both lights are solid red. But if a pedestrian has already crossed in front of the stopped vehicles and has reached the middle of the furthest lane from them, then drivers can go through the flashing red lights.

Another question drivers have is regarding white squares that show up on some signals.

njcom white square

The DOT says those boxes are receivers for radios used to transmit data from one signal to another, keeping traffic from backing up.

Have you seen either of these signals in your town?

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