The Batman rollercoaster is a long-time favorite at Great Adventure. His ultimate nemesis The Joker has his own coaster, and now Harley Quinn will join the fun!

The "Harley Quinn Crazy Train" is scheduled to open this April, and replace what is now "Blackbeard's Train."

Six Flags Great Adventure President John Fitzgerald says

As ultimate thrill seekers flock to our new, jaw-dropping coaster The Joker, family-sized thrills will be right next door with Harley Quinn Crazy Train.”


Harley Quinn Crazy Train facts:

  • Steel coaster reaching a maximum speed of 22 mph
  • Nearly 3 story lift hill (28 feet tall)
  • 1,181 feet of twisted red and black track
  • 1 minute 45 seconds ride
  • 20 passengers per train
  • Minimum 41” tall to ride

Get more information about the 2016 season at Six Flags Great Adventure!

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