Ritchie Blackmore turns 69 years old today, born on April 14, 1945 in Southwest England.

Ritchie of course is best known for being one of the original members of Deep Purple and for his band with Ronnie James Dio, Rainbow (which disbanded at the end of 2010).

Blackmore has been busy with his folk-rock duo Blackmore's Night, which he founded in 1997, along with Candace Night (lead vocals, lyricist and multi-instrumentalist).

They released their latest, Dancer & the Moon, on June 11, 2013

Blackmore and Night married on October 5, 2008, after 19 years together.

According to blackmoresnight.com, Blackmore's Night will tour this summer, with a limited engagement in the U.S., which includes a stop in New York in May.