"Hands Across the Sand" is a global event that aims to bring together individuals and organizations to promote a clean energy future across the world and end the dependence on dirty fuels. Thousands of people with assemble on beaches to draw metaphorical and actual lines in the sand.

This year, they will bring together people at five locations at the Jersey Shore, with events planned in Point Pleasant, Long Branch, Bradley Beach, Beach Haven, and Barnegat Light. All events start at 12noon.

Organizers and participants say this year is even more important than past years. Former President Obama had permanently banned ocean drilling in almost 4 million acres of the northern and middle Atlantic Ocean, but the current president recently signed an order that could reverse the previous deal and expand oil and gas drilling off our coast.

I don't mean to lecture you from a political standpoint, but I do believe that our environment should be protected. I'm not some crazy tree-hugger who thinks plants feel pain, but I do believe that the risk of an oil spill devastating our shore outweighs any benefits.

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