Are your kids (or grandkids) going to put on costumes...

Halloween costumes in search of kids. (Craig Allen photo)

...and head out in search of candy on Halloween this year?

Group photo-op with "Craig the Friendly Ghost" a few years ago. (NJ Prize Team photo)

On-going COVID-19 concerns make that (still) a valid question.

Pumpkins with personality.  Or, pumpkins in costume. (Craig Allen photo)

And, while I admit that I haven't seen as many pop-up "Halloween Stores" (again) this year, as in the past...Halloween is big business in New Jersey.

From the moment that you walk into the grocery store or department store...

I never knew that pumpkins could fly. (Craig Allen photo) are greeted by the Halloween theme.

I mentioned candy, right? (Craig Allen photo)

And, retailers actually do have more than candy to entice you.

Got...candy? (Craig Allen photo)

I was just popping in for milk and breakfast cereal...

Look: REAL pumpkins. You give them "personality." (Craig Allen photo)

...when I saw:

Make a GIANT cookie. (Craig Allen photo)

And, if one BIG cookie isn't enough...

Make and bake ET's favorite cookies for your little goblins. (Craig Allen photo) can even "build" your Halloween:

You had me at chocolate. And, "E-Z" (Craig Allen photo)

And, while I'll admit that I think Halloween candy before I think...

This is a great example of "thinking outside the box." (Craig Allen photo)

...Halloween Cheeseballs, I like the creative, Halloween theme packaging.

Let's continue...

I did say that I need cereal. (Craig Allen photo)

As I leave the cereal aisle...

These plates are...batty. (Craig Allen photo)

There are a few Halloween party essentials...

"Jack Skellington" and "The Great Pumpkin" in a cup. (Craig Allen photo)

And, "nick-nacks" to...

It's "Hello Kitty" with a Halloween twist. (Craig Allen photo)

...set the mood.

Your author, in costume. (NJ Prize Team photo)

And, now that I'm in the "spirit"...

One bag will do. Only a handful of kids have come to the door in the last few years. (Craig Allen photo)

...and I have my candy...

I left this "candy" in the store. (Craig Allen photo)

...I can't help but think that some of this Halloween "cheer" will be...

Here. (Craig Allen photo) the "Reduced Price For Quick Sale" bin, on Monday, November 1st.

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