A police officer's dashcam captured footage of Mary Pat Christie, wife of Governor Chris Christie, as she was pulled over for using her cell phone while driving.

I do have to give Mrs. Christie credit for not flipping out and yelling at the officer, and not pulling the "don't you know who I am?" card. She accepted the ticket about as gracefully as one could expect.

In the end, she did not contest the ticket, and appeared in Warren Township municipal court to plead guilty of operating a motor vehicle while using a cell phone. She paid a $250 fine.

Here's my question though, and I don't really know the answer. Does Mrs. Christie work? My brief research says she was worth about $500,000 when she was part of a Wall Street investment firm, but she left that position in 2014. The Governor of New Jersey makes up to $175,000 a year, but there's not much updated info on the First Lady, other than heading up some charities. My point is, did the state basically pay the fine itself? If taxpayer money goes to the Christies salary, they essentially just took $250 from the public and gave it right back.

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