Social media is buzzing about the place.

It's always exciting when a new local business opens up.  It feels like the community is coming back to life after a rough couple of years.

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I recently saw people in the Barnegat Township Chatter Facebook Group buzzing about a new business - a coffee shop.

I love it when new coffee shops open because each one is unique in its own way.  They all add different touches to their menu items that set them apart from others.  I could easily stop at 2 different local coffee shops in one day.

Local coffee shops also hit differently than chain coffee shops.  The drinks are carefully handcrafted for you.

There's simply no such thing as too many places to grab a cup of coffee.

The latest place to grab a cup is at GNM Coffee Shop that just opened on Main Street in Barnegat; it took the place of the old Delights Coffee Shop.

Credit: Jamie Laresen, Facebook
Credit: Jamie Larsen, Facebook

So many residents showed their support for the new business on its opening day by sharing pics of the food and drinks they ordered.  And yes, it looked amazing.

Jamie posted about her Almond Joy Latte and this mouthwatering giant donut you saw earlier.

Credit: Jamie Larsen, Facebook
Credit: Jamie Larsen, Facebook

Sarah shared these tasty-looking lattes.  I used to be a barista, and judging by the markings on the side of the cup, one looks like a salted caramel latte, and the other looks to be a toasted marshmallow latte.

Credit: Sarah Lavroff, Facebook
Credit: Sarah Lavroff, Facebook

GNM Coffee Shop is located at 237 S Main Street in Barnegat.  Happy coffee drinking!

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