Glenn Frey celebrates his birthday today, born on November 6, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan.

Earlier this year there was a bit of a stir surrounding the release of the documentary, History of the Eagles, which debuted on Showtime.

It seems Glenn Frey (as well as Don Henley) weren't looking too good in the biography, coming off as bullies and dictators.

Of course, rumors have long circulated over the years of these two and their swollen egos.

Brilliant and talented? No doubt. But why is it that so often people with that combination become insufferable?

(I've often wondered why there are as many arrogant and narcissistic people in the world and how they're allowed to keep running roughshod over the rest of us. Will someone please make it stop?).

Meanwhile, the History of the Eagles tour has expanded its scope by adding dates into the new year.

The tour lands at Madison Square Garden November 8, 9 and 11.

They'll play their hits as well as songs never before performed live.

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