Learning to drive is a big milestone that all teens look forward to. Some people take to driving like a fish to water, while others can barely figure out where the key goes. And this teen has bigger problems than just trying to figure out the difference between the brake and gas pedals.

This young lady is learning how to drive with her mother in a parking lot. She is having the hardest time figuring out how the pedals work, so much so that she calls them “buttons” instead of pedals. Then, after a quick burst of acceleration, she can hardly contain her laughter and says that she is going to pee herself. Well, she does.

She literally pees herself while trying to jump out of the car. Oh, and the car is stuck moving and she is still buckled in, by the way.

The mother doesn’t appear to be much help, as she just keeps laughing and repeating that her daughter peed the front seat and that they only moved one parking spot. Needless to say, she probably won't be getting her license anytime soon.

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