"Time is Everything" we hear that quote and it makes us look at our phone lol but time is very important and keeping up on time is, well very important. That being said, this weekend "daylight savings time" ends as we fall back.

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This weekend we will set the clocks "back" one hour as we return to regular time. We "fall back" officially Sunday, November 7th at 2 am. Most of us will turn our clocks back Saturday night, the 6th, before we go to bed.

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These days things are a lot easier when it comes to changing the clocks because many of our electronics will change themselves as we head into Sunday morning, but still, there are some clocks that we have that won't change themselves.

One clock that always seemed to get left behind was the "car" clock. It always seemed like the last clock to get the time updated, was the "auto" clock. I think it was for two reasons...one we just forgot and two we forgot how to update the time on our vehicles. Hopefully now with electronics being computer-driven, the "car" clock will simply update itself as well.

We do have a few clocks at home I will have to update including a Grand-Father clock. The Keurig and microwave also will not automatically update themselves, but that's about it.

Remember when you go to bed this Saturday, November 6th set your clocks "back" one hour and enjoy the extra hours' sleep. I won't enjoy the very early darkness with it getting dark now in the afternoon, but this too shall pass lol


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