Farm Stores drive-thru grocery stores are popping up everywhere. 

The Toms River location on Rt. 37, next to the Wawa, is getting ready for their grand opening. Ever heard of the Farm Stores drive-thru? I never did. From their website, they're a drive-thru grocery store. Originating in the south, more and more of these are moving up the east coast.

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Farm Stores is America's largest and original grocery drive-thru, according to It's a franchise business with "new" locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and more.

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Here's what surprised me, I went to their website and clicked on locations in New Jersey. The one on Rt. 37 in Toms River is a new location, one opening soon in Brick, and one opening soon in Beachwood. I didn't know about the one coming to Beachwood. On their website, Farm Stores Beachwood, coming soon at 315 Atlantic City Blvd. Beachwood, NJ.

google maps
google maps / Possible Farm Stores drive-thru location in Beachwood

There was a drive-thru grocery pick-up store there before, remember Welsh Farms. Will they knock that building down to put in a Farm Stores? Or will they just use the building that's already set for a drive-thru?

The Farm Stores grocery drive-thru is red and looks like a small barn. They're known for their fresh bread and fresh squeezed orange juice, and all your grocery needs.

Fresh groceries everyday, drive-thru, that's convenience. What do you think? Is Ocean County ready for the Farm Stores? YES, why not?

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