Are you an idiot? Are you fancy? Are you a FANCY IDIOT?

If you sign up to be a Fancy Idiot with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show in the next few days, you'll get a free FBHW face covering!

Fancy Idiots are the FBHW VIPs, and get:


  • Access to Today's Idiot Content
  • Chance to play Dumber Than the Show Trivia weekly
  • Access to all Media archives (exclusive Video and Audio content!)
  • Access to all Podcast content
  • Access to Pre-Beer and Hot Wings
  • Access to daily Segment 17 bonus video
  • Exclusive access to daily Webcams and archives


If you're not currently a Fancy Idiot, and sign up before August 31st, you'll get an exclusive Free Beer and Hot Wings logo face covering.

fbhw mask

Now if you already have a Fancy Idiot membership, I can't be 100% certain, but I'm pretty sure if you ask Steve very politely, he'll figure out a way to get you one.

Being a Fancy Idiot also means you're helping out with Idiots For Underdogs! A chunk of the proceeds from Fancy Idiot memberships goes right to FBHW's charitable efforts through Idiots For Underdogs. Every Christmas, we take part in the Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-In, and this is an effort to be able to do that sort of thing all year round.

Even if you don't want to sign up for a Fancy Idiot account, you can still help out Idiots For Underdogs in two other ways:

  • Donate! You can donate directly to Idiots for Underdogs by clicking here. And because it is a 501c3 charity, donations qualify as deductible contributions on your taxes.
  • Buy some coffee, bro! FBHW have teamed up with Nashville Roast Coffee Company to make FBHW Roasted Bro Coffee. A portion of the sales from each bag sold will be donated to Idiots for Underdogs!
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