Friendly's on Route 37 in Toms River had closed during the pandemic, but they've just announced they will re-open!  (EDIT: it's the Friendly's location on Hooper Avenue, not Route 37. Sorry!)

I know cynics will roll their eyes over the fact that an ice cream place is open during a crisis, but look at it this way: it's another place of business that you can get food from as you grow bored of all the other ones in the area, AND it means at least some employees can get back to work. Even if the restaurant won't be open for dining in, they will need to bring back some cooks, some people to answer the phones and take care of curbside orders, and delivery drivers.

You'll even be able to order a "Family Ice Cream Sundae Kit", which includes 1 ice cream carton, three toppings, whip topping, and some cones and cups for serving.

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