Being responsible for a car crash in his former hometown lands a Delaware man behind bars in Monmouth County on drug charges.

Allentown Police say they found 26-year old Randall Bivona Jr. now of Townsend, Delaware slurring his words, swaying and staggering about, his pupils appeared constricted and he kept nodding off following an accident where his 2003 White Ford F-250 hit a 2014 Mercedes on Saturday near High Street and Main Street.

A search of the truck found CDS heroin, CDS cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Following a series of field sobriety tests, police found Bivona Jr. allegedly under the influence of narcotics.

His truck was found crashed into a snow bank while the airbags were deployed and severe damage sustained to the Mercedes.

The driver of the Mercedes was treated for undisclosed injuries and transported to the hospital.

Bivona Jr. has been charged with Assault by Auto, Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired, Possession of CDS Heroin, Possession of CDS Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of CDS in motor vehicle, Refusal to submit a breath sample, Reckless Driving, Failure to maintain lane, Unsafe Operation and Failure to exhibit a valid insurance card.

He initially refused medical attention after being evaluated but following his arrest was brought to RWJ-Hospital in Hamilton before his transport to the Monmouth County Correctional Institute.

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