That’s a big moment that we really looked forward to during our senior year.

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It felt like yesterday.  Making the plans, booking the flight, and heading with a group of friends out to Spring Break.

A lot of students, from high school through college look forward to the break from the daily grind.

Storm Delays Northeast Flights
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Just thinking about what these kids went through from their last semester in 2020, to just a few months ago, spring break is a sense of normalcy.

If, and that's a big if, you can get to your destination.

There’s always that “x-factor” and unfortunately, that is the airlines.

There are still cancellations being dealt with and rescheduled from this past weekend's mess.

Now, airline cancellations and delays are nothing new.  It almost feels like a constant in the world of travel, and still, we continue to book our trips and hope for the best.

I was just on a small family vacation a few weeks ago.

We flew from Newark, and since this was the first time, we were traveling with our one-year-old, oh, and cannot forget the first time flying since the pandemic kicked in and shutting the world down, we decided to arrive early.

Really early.  Not only did we arrive three hours before our flight.

This turned out to be a big mistake.  Our flight was delayed three times before finally taking off.

Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony

Safe to say, restlessness and boredom started to sit in after hour two.

If it was just my wife and me, no issues whatsoever, but with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, who don’t like to sit still, the frustration became very real.

I just couldn’t imagine having that excitement of leaving for spring break, when it is finally starting to feel normal, and having it ripped away in a single blip on the screen.

According to reporting from by Matt Gray,  - Some New Jersey Schools were affected by the weekend’s cancellations and delays.

Where “Seniors from Gateway Regional High School were supposed to fly out on Spirit to Orlando…”  This trip just did not happen due to the ripple effect of the cancellation.

My biggest question is, is it all weather-related, or scheduling conflict?  Is there something else amiss here?

It can definitely be a headache, especially if you are looking to just get out or travel with little ones.


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