Thanksgiving is just about here, but there's still time to upgrade your holiday. Here are a few products that will really enhance your time with the family.

Turkey Fryer

Make sure you're recording the moment you dip the turkey in the fryer so we can all watch the explosion and laugh as you go viral for burning your yard up.

Big Screen TV

It'll make you feel like you're actually at the football game, without having to visit Detroit.

Stretch Pants

Don't bother loosening your belt, just get some stretchy jeans and let 'em expand as you dig in for your third helping of sweet potatoes.

Tupperware for Leftovers

I can live off turkey and potatoes and corn and green bean casserole forever, so hit me up with those leftovers. It's always a drag to bring home a squishy Ziploc bag, so get some nice sturdy plastic containers.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These should be reserved for after dinner when you just want some peace and quiet, but in theory, you could sneak them out at the dinner table when your uncle starts ranting about politics.

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