You might not think the Dead are the best guys to use as life coaches...but these five tips can actually help anyone in any walk of life.

Jerry Garcia's biography outlined how the band approached their work, and it can apply to just about everything else.


1 - The most important thing is playing and creating. Everything else is secondary.

2 - Work is a family affair. It's important to shelter, support and share with a larger community.

3 - Money is second fiddle to living the kind of life you want to live. You can build your own economy.

4 - There are pitfalls to being a renegade but they come with the territory. Accept the hazards and finger-pointing as a small hindrance of living differently.

5 - Push the envelope whenever possible.


I'm not a Deadhead by any means, but I think this is all fantastic advice.  My favorite is #3, what is yours?

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