The Steve Miller Band are set to hit Revel's Ovation Hall on Saturday, November 9. To get you ready, we're giving you our picks for the five greatest Steve Miller Band songs of all time.

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    "Take the Money and Run"

    When it comes to great heist stories, Billy Joe and Bobby Sue are right up there with Bonnie and Clyde. "Take the Money and Run" is a great story song with infectious hooks. It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1976.

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    "Fly Like an Eagle"

    The trippy title track to the band's 1976 album, "Fly Like an Eagle" combines elements of funk, jazz and psychedelic rock to take listeners on a surrealist trip. Punctuated by blaring organ and Miller's mellow vocal stylings, the song climbed to number 2 on the Billboard charts in 1977.

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    "Jet Airliner"

    Not many people realize that "Jet Airliner" was actually written by Paul Pena, a talented musician from the remote island country of Cape Verde, off the coast of Africa. Ben Sidran, the Steve Miller Band's keyboardist, produced Pena's album New Train, on which the song appeared.

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    "Rock'n Me"

    With its signature guitar chug, "Rock'n Me" is a classic rocker that plows along like a locomotive. In it, Miller takes on the rock and roll tradition of writing songs about life on the road. The song earned The Steve Miller Band its second chart-topping single.

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    "The Joker"

    Most songwriters can't claim that they've invented a word, but most songwriters aren't Steve Miller. When Miller speaks of the "pompatus" of love, he is the first person to ever do so. With its signature slide guitar and Miller's unique lyrics, "The Joker" has been a staple of Steve Miller Band concerts since it first hit number one on the carts in 1974.

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