Two fishermen videotaped a large shark devouring a dead dolphin 7 miles off the Atlantic City coast.

Shark attacks a dolphin off Atlantic City
Shark attacks a dolphin in the ocean off Atlantic City (WCAU TV)

Anthony Cortes and his father-in-law, David Hermann, were flounder fishing Tuesday when they say they spotted a 2-foot fin sticking up out of the ocean.

The men tell WMGM-TV they went over to inspect and saw what appeared to be a 12-foot shark chewing apart the dolphin.

Hermann says the shark was going around in a circle and would attack and then circle again. "It was the biggest shark I've ever seen out there," Hermann told WCAU TV. Cortes describes it as "pretty hideous."


The fishermen say it was either a Tiger or a Great White shark; the Marine Mammal Stranding Center was unable to identify the shark based on the video.
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