When I was a kid my grandfather used to take me and my brother to the train tracks to watch the trains go by.  We were kids, probably about 9 or 10 years old.  It was a ritual and we couldn’t wait to go each time we visited him.

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One of the things grandpa would do was drop a few handfuls of pocket change on the ground as we exited his car.  He would instruct my brother and me to equally divide the findings so we would both have the same amount.  As a kid, this was so cool.

He would let one of us place a penny on the tracks on a slow traffic day before he would hustle us far enough away before another train would pass.  It would be sometime before that happened, but when it did, we were so excited.

What those trains did to those pennies after running them over was fascinating.

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Each time before we left, we would walk over to the train yard near the parking lot and walk on the tracks where trains were parked off the route.  We would be in search of railroad spikes.  Once or twice, I remember we found a few out of the ground to take home.  I wish I still had those spikes.  What a memory.

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As you drive around New Jersey, you notice so many abandoned railroad tracks that were once in use for transit or shipping.  Some track routes have even been uprooted and replaced with walking or bike trails.

There’s one train route in South Jersey that is being used for another form of transportation; Peddling.  Yes, you can actually pedal your way on the railroad.

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This unique form of transportation is called “rail bike”.  An outfit called Revolution Rail Co from North Creek New York invented this fun and dazzling tourist attraction for all ages and a great form of exercise as well.

According to Revolution Rail Co website, Robert Harte and Michael Dupee and started this venture in 2016.  Edward LaScala partnered up with these two guys just last year to provide…

“a unique educational experience for their guests and a committed partner for the businesses and communities in which they are located”


Where is Revolution Rail Co located?

Revolution Rail Company operates in five locations.  Three of them are in New York.  The other two are located in Colorado and right here at the Jersey Shore, in Cape May New Jersey.

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Where does their Cape May New Jersey tour operate?

The Cape May tour runs from the “Heart of Cape May” through the marsh wetlands that run adjacent to the Garrett Family Preserve.  It’s a 4-mile peddle that can be experienced as a tandem or quad.

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How does the railbike work?

Riders peddle their railbikes at the speed they desire and witness the sights of Cape May excluded in the terrain away from the ocean.  Just like in a paddleboat, there’s always one person who does all the work.  Haha!

How long is the tour in Cape May?

The Cape May adventure usually lasts about an hour.  The ride time is approximately 40 minutes.  Then there’s a 20-minute break so that your guide can carefully reverse the direction of your bike.

Are there any restrictions on what I can carry on?

Pet’s, alcohol, and glass containers are not allowed.  But they do encourage you to bring your camera, sunscreen, bug spray, water, snacks, and other weather-based attire.  Oh and maybe a good night's sleep too.  You're going to need a ton of energy.

Anything else I should know about Revolution Rail Co?

The Cape May New Jersey tours come in 2 packages.  The Double Railbike that sits 2 people is $80.00.  The Quad Railbike that sits 4 people is $140.00.  Each tour is approximately 4 miles and takes roughly 1.5 hours to complete.

Railbikes in Cape May

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