Experts begged us not to mow our lawns in New Jersey for the month of May.  How did we do?  Were you able to hold off?  It was a lot to ask because I don't know many lawnmowers that can cut through a total jungle.  I only got 2 weeks in, but that's something right?  In case you missed it, this is why we were trying not to mow in May.

No Mow May has become the newest challenge.

I personally found out about it on my community message board Facebook page.  We were being asked to not do something and I have to say, I've never heard of such a request before.

Everyone was saying, no matter what I do, please DO NOT mow my lawn in the month of May.  It used to be if your lawn got too shaggy you would get an eyebrow raise.  Now they are asking just the opposite? It's hard to keep up.  So like a good girl scout I tried my very best and I got into the second week in May before I had to fold.  Why were so many of us doing it?

ICYMI, the whole idea is to save the bees. Here's the rub, if the bees don't pollinate for us, we will starve.  It is that simple.  They are so important to us yet they are getting rubbed out. So, across the pond in the U.K., they wanted to give the bees a buzzing headstart by not cutting their lawns in the month of May giving them a chance to pollinate.

Things like pesticides, construction, and climate change have been chipping away at their population and getting in the way of their pollination.  The idea is, if you allow weeds to flower, that will provide lots of food for the bees coming out of hibernation.  So in the U.K. many parks, businesses, and residential homeowners were not mowing in May and it helped big time!  How much did it help?  It increased the number of bees by up to 5 times in the towns that participated.

So I really wanted to get on board, and I did for as long as possible until the length got to the point where my mower would not be able to get the job done if I wanted one more week. Different grass grows at different rates, parks are really perfect for this kind of effort.  I was wondering how you all did?  Did anyone go the distance?

Some people actually put signs up out front of their homes letting people know, I'm not being lazy I'm being a friend to the bees for No Mow May!  You gotta keep those neighbors from talking right?  If you want to learn more about saving the bees and what you can do check it out here.

The verdict for us here in the U.S.?  Lots of us participated, while we did not have the numbers the U.K. did, our bee population is up by 4 times in towns that played along here in the U.S. Maybe part of that is we use more weed control here than across the pond or perhaps we have faster-growing grass types and we could not go quite as long?  Either way, it worked!  Spread the word for next year.

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