By now you've likely heard about the drive-thru testing center at the PNC Bank Arts Center shutting down after about 30 minutes every day. The traffic gets backed up along the Parkway, despite signs saying "NO SYMPTOMS, NO TEST". Those signs are trying to prevent people who "just sort of feel crummy lately" trying to get a test, rather than someone who actually has a fever and other symptoms.

The testing site at Ocean County College is trying to get ahead of the curve by telling everyone all the rules before they even open. Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Daniel Regenye stresses that the site is not for health screening, saying "it is just for testing for the virus." That means if you don't have symptoms, don't waste everyone's time and resources.

People being tested will need to have a doctor's prescription, so if you are feeling the symptoms of COVID19 (fever, dry cough, shortness of breath) you should go to your doctor first, get a note, then visit a drive-thru testing center.

After you get your prescription, you'll need to register for a test. Make sure you have all your paperwork (the doctor's note, proof of NJ residency, test registration), then head to OCC when the site opens. You'll be able to stay in your car while a doctor or nurse gives you a nasal swab. Test results would be available in 3-5 days.

The testing site at OCC is planning to test about 180 people per day.

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