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There is a place in East Rutherford New Jersey where you can Snow Ski year round!  Perhaps you’ve heard about the never-ending story of the American Dream Mall.

Via Yelp
Via Yelp

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What is the American Dream Mall?

This project seemed to be taking forever to come to fruition.  It was first proposed in 2003 as the Meadowlands Xanadu, with construction was to begin a year later.

Finally, after a name change to American Dream and so many other obstacles, including Covid19, the facility officially opened on October 1, 2020.

American Dream takes up 3 million square feet.  It offers a mixture of entertainment, retail, and dining.  They have an amusement park, water park, ice rink, and mini-golf arcade.  There’s also a Sea Life Aquarium and a Legoland Discovery Center.

Via Yelp
Via Yelp

What about snow skiing?

One of the highlights to their entertainment options is an indoor ski slope called “Big Snow American Dream”, self-proclaimed as “North America’s first and only indoor, year-round, real-snow ski and snowboard resort.”

The slopes inside Big Snow American Dream never get warmer than 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  This allows not only for prime skiing conditions for guests but also for making snow.

Via You Tube
Via You Tube

What should you wear?

According to their website FAQs, “if you’re planning on bringing your clothing, they recommend a water-resistant jacket and pants, a synthetic material base-layer or thermals, one good pair of wool or synthetic socks, gloves and hat or ski/snowboard.

It is important to note, that in New Jersey if you’re under the age of 18 it is required that you wear a helmet when skiing, snowboarding, and riding the lifts.

Can you rent what you need?

Their snow packages include; snow pants, snow jackets, and helmets. They also have gloves, socks, hats, and anything else you could need available for purchase at our retail store. Helmets are included in our rental packages.

Are reservations required?

They require online ticket purchases only in advance of your visit. On-site ticket sales are not available at this time. Tickets can be purchased here.

There is a limited capacity of how many guests they can accommodate on the slopes at any given time.  Sell-outs are often the case "during high demand times".

Think about it, you could clamp on your favorite pair of bindings and snow ski in the middle of August...IN NEW JERSEY!

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In fact, you can snow ski year-round. It’s as simple as their slogan…

“Everyday is a snow day”

A good excuse as any, to get out of work or school this winter!

Check out some pictures from the slopes...

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