Last fall, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Akbar Cook to her show. Cook is the principal of West Side High School in Newark, and had recently built a mini-laundromat in his school after he learned some students were being bullied over dirty clothes. Ellen gave Cook and West Side High School a check for $50,000 as part of her partnership with Cheerios and the "One Million Acts of Good" program.

Getting a $50k check once would be amazing enough, but DeGeneres brought Cook back to her show last week and gave him another check to help out his school and his students.

Cook has also been receiving gifts at the school from all over the world, as Ellen fans from Germany, Australia, Switzerland and more have sent laundry detergent, clothing, and hygiene products.

It's such a great story to see a principal that really cares about his students and his school, and to see good karma come back to him.

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