First, a happy birthday to Eddie Money, born on March 21, 1949 in Brooklyn, New York.

According to, Eddie is pissed off at Kenny Loggins and explained why on a morning radio show recently.

He said he never got credit for singing on Loggins’ hit record, ‘I’m Alright.’

“I sang the bridge in that, we were label mates, you know — Kenny Loggins, I mean, how small can a guy be, that he divorces his wife and marries his therapist. Gimme a break!”

Not sure how Kenny's choice of marital partners enters in here, but you know how it is when you're pissed off at someone. :-D

There's more to the grudge Money is holding against Loggins and involves their competing daughters on a reality show, so obviously this rift goes deep, although there's been no response from Loggins.

Meanwhile, Eddie's currently on tour in the States but there are no scheduled upcoming stops in New Jersey.


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