Don Henley is stressing that the Eagles are finished, despite an earlier suggestion that they might reform with the late Glenn Frey's son.

“I don’t see how we could go out and play without the guy who started the band,” Henley tells the Washington Post. “It would just seem like greed or something. It would seem like a desperate thing.”

Henley ruminated on the possibility of performing again with Frey's son Deacon during a September interview, but stressed even then that it was not in the planning stages. Despite that, the story spread quickly. “It really pissed me off, frankly, because I hadn’t talked to the kid about it or his mother," Henley added. "So, it’s just another lesson in keeping my mouth shut.”

The remaining Eagles – Henley, Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh – sang "Peaceful Easy Feeling" with Deacon Frey at a private memorial service for his father in February. A Grammy tribute held that same month found the group paired with Jackson Browne for "Take It Easy," a song he co-wrote with the elder Frey.

Browne is one of those who think the Eagles could move forward with other guest singers, including J.D. Souther, who likewise co-wrote songs with the band. And Irving Azoff, their long-time manager, isn't writing off a future reunion, either.

In fact, he directly referenced the Eagles' unlikely '90s-era reunion album and tour when discussing the possibility. “I think Henley was the guy that came up with the words ‘when hell freezes over,’” he said. “If hell can freeze over, pigs can fly. I’d never say never.”

The Eagles will be recognized during Sunday's 39th annual Kennedy Center Honors; the ceremony is set for broadcast on Dec. 27 on CBS. Glenn Frey died on Jan. 18 at age 67, having battled intestinal issues for years.

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