A non-profit group called "Fund For New Jersey" is suggesting a number of cost increases to be paid by NJ drivers to help pay for projects needed by the DOT and NJ Transit.

The new proposal includes:

- Tolls on Interstate highways
- Raising Motor Vehicle Commission fees
- Leasing State toll roads to private operatorsThese moves would be added to the recent 23 cent per-gallon State gas tax which went into effect in November.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Leasing tolls roads to private companies has already been facing opposition in NJ for years, and amazingly it hasn't been passed anyway. MVC fees are already stupid, but we really have no option other than to pay them. And honestly at this point, more tollbooths would barely be noticeable considering how much we already pay.

It's sad that I'm so resigned to getting screwed by this state that I can't even work up the outrage anymore.

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