The holidays in New Jersey can be a stressful time of year, but one that's also full of joy. Now that the season is winding down, perhaps there are a few things we feel we might've missed out on or simply overlooked.

It's understandable since overdrive is the only speed many of us operate on during the month of December. Unfortunately, once Christmas Day comes and goes, most of the holiday events go with it.

However, that's not completely true when it comes to New Jersey's holiday drive-thru light displays. Santa may be back at the North Pole, but many of the activities and displays associated with these remain alive for just a little bit longer.

This year, a handful of those locations are doing just that. And although the list of locations isn't huge, they are located in many parts of the state ensuring most New Jerseyians will be able to take advantage of an after-season visit.

Don't wait: NJ holiday drive-thru displays still open through the end of 2022

Final operating days range from December 30 to January 1.

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