There are plenty of things I hate, but spoilers have to be somewhere near the top. I've read the articles that claim spoilers are okay, they don't really ruin the experience, I've even read something that said spoilers make a movie better. I almost threw up when I read that one.

"The Rise of Skywalker" has already been released for special screenings, critic viewings, the reviews are already out there. Outside of one headline that I saw accidentally, I am going in totally blind. I have even attempted to avoid the trailers, TV commercials, pretty much anything related to the movie. In the classic words of Frank Costanza, "I LIKE TO GO IN FRESH!"

When the MCU wrapped up The Infinity Saga with "Endgame", people made the point that viewers had gone on an 11-year, 22-movie journey. We spent about 59 hours of our lives following that story, so to give away details about the Endgame was just a d--k move.

The Star Wars universe doesn't have as many films as the MCU, but the timeline is way longer. People have been emotionally invested since 1977, and 42 years later we still love these characters, love the worlds, love everything about Star Wars.

Before you jump in with "hey, if you don't want spoilers, see the movie right away", I'd just like to point out that some people have lives that can't be completely rearranged for a movie. I would love to go to a midnight screening tonight, but I have to work tomorrow. I'd love to just run to the movies for a few hours, but Baby Varacchi is too young for the theatre experience (although she loves watching Star Wars at home), so finding a babysitter and balancing things between my wife and my schedule takes time. I'm not saying I should have a grace period of months, but at least wait a few days before you jump on Facebook and say "OH MY GOD CHEWBACCA WAS LUKE'S REAL FATHER!"

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