New Jersey is an interesting place to live. There are so many things that make us unique and make living in the Garden State simply amazing.

But then there are things that drive us absolutely nuts. And usually, it's words or phrases spoken by people who don't even live here.

So what if there was a way to ban some of those words or phrases? Maybe we list them on the welcome signs?

Or what if a text alert was sent to everyone's phones that cross our border? Alright, so that one's a stretch, but you get the point.

So let's have a little fun and look at six of those words and phrases that might drive you nuts. Sure, there are many more, but for now, we'll keep it simple.

And after you check out the list, make sure to take the poll. It'll be interesting to see what we all think collectively.

Don't say it: 6 words & phrases that should be banned in NJ

Some very Jersey things that shouldn't be.

And as if those six weren't enough, here's a bonus six more to add to the list. And yes, your chance to sound out will follow...

Don't say it: 6 (more) Jersey words or phrases that should be banned

Just think of these words or phrases as an expansion pack to the original list.

Alrighty, now that we've had a chance to check out the original list along with the "expansion pack" of what should be banned, Let's see what you think. Take the polls below.

First, the original six...

And now, the second "expansion pack" list...

And finally, regarding the bonus "Move to New Jersey" phrase...

And if you have any you'd like to add, just let us know in the comments.

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