The Killers, an alternative rock band from Las Vegas, who have been a top selling act since their smash hit debut single, "Mr. Brightside" in 2004, released a new single earlier this week from their new album, "Battle Born" coming out in the fall. The new song is called "Runaways", and I can't help but think that the song is heavily influenced by Jersey's own, Bruce Springsteen. Brandon Flowers of the Killers and Bruce Springsteen sound nothing alike when it comes to singing, but the music is somewhat similar and the lyrical style is exactly what you would expect from The Boss.

Check out the audio of the new song below, then take our poll and let us know if you agree.

If you have a hard time comparing the two vocal styles of Bruce Springsteen and Brandon Flowers, here's the two of them sharing the stage a few years ago performing the Bruce Springsteen classic, "Thunder Road".

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