Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So as you read my headline you are probably saying to yourself “not all of us are slobs” and I agree that is true, not all of US are slobs….but many are! Just take a quick look around next time you are out and about and you see the litter pretty much all over the Jersey Shore. The question is why?

The definition of a slob is “a person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness” and is this the case for many ? Let’s face it the litter didn’t end up on the ground through any fault of nature ….. it is US!

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So here are some things that I thought about today as I strolled about seeing the litter:

  • Who has such disregard for our community that they simply throw things to the ground?
  • Who has trouble figuring out….do I throw this away in a proper garbage or recycling can or do I just drop it wherever I am and walk away?
  • Who cares so little they throw things out of the car window?
  • Does it not bother everyone to see trash all over the side of the road?
  • To some is recycling a stupid idea?
  • Do many say “hey it’s not my problem”?

If you are saying as you read on, Shawn are you perfect? nope but I do know the difference between dropping trash anywhere and properly disposing of it. Is it that difficult to simply think “it’s my trash it’s my responsibility”?

We don’t have to be responsible for others, but if we are responsible for ourselves….that’s a big step towards cleaning things up. We have a beautiful place here at the Jersey Shore, keep it clean and clean up after yourself…..not too much to ask is it?

Let’s see what YOUR response is… your comments below 👇🏻

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