On Thursday, Batman series director Christopher Nolan showed off six minutes of 2012's summer blockbuster Dark Knight Rises. According to outlets who were privy to the viewing, the six minute sneak peak featured much of Tom Hardy' portrayal of Bane, sure to be a thorn in Batman's side.

The prologue, as the directors office is calling it, will be released later this week as a sneak peak prior to viewers watching Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

"We're trying to begin in a surprising place," Nolan told USA TODAY after the Dark Knight footage screening. "It's a good chance of letting people know where this is all going to go."

As a Batman disciple, I am considering buying an IMAX ticket to Tom Cruise's latest just to see these six minutes. Is Bane as cool as he seems? Can Batman handle it? Will Tom Hardy be a household name by July? I can't wait.

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