Are you tired of hearing about the "War on Christmas" yet? Well, if so, you may not want to watch the news story below.

Michael's Tasting Room, a restaurant in St. Augustine, Fla., had a Christmas warrior in for a meal last week. Like many businesses this time of year, Michael's Tasting Room plays the music of the season: Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming To Town, etc.  Well, this customer was not happy with the selection and decided to express their displeasure in the least confrontational way ever: by leaving a strongly-worded note on the back of their receipt! Ooh! That'll show 'em!

The note read, "Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing holiday music or less religious themed."

The server passed the note along to the manager and chef, who posted it to social media. Not surprisingly, most are siding with the restaurant.

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